Monday, August 18, 2014

Trysts of Fate

My poem, "Remember When" is the featured poem (!) in the new issue of Trysts of Fate, which is another publication released by Alban Lake.

Read this little blurb that was on their blog"

Edited by the scrumptious yet occasionally spooky Lee Ann Story Sikora, Trysts of Fate for August 2014 features paranormal romance tales that will galvanize, cauterize, synthesize, and supersize you [though not necessarily in that order]. “@Echo Off” by Lorraine Pinelli Brown will win over even readers who believe, albeit mistakenly, that paranormal romance tales have nothing for them. Then there’s “The Whorehouse Ghosts” by James David Park; “The Facebook Account of So Young Paik” by Timothy E. Nolan; “Roses In December” by Jackie Neel, and much more. The featured poem, “Remember When” by Stephanie Smith, alone is worth the price of admission. :)